Commercial Overview

Maintaining your waterfront business structures and vessels is our job.

If you run a business on the Chesapeake Bay waterfront, you understand that proper maintenance of your piers, docks, vessels, and surrounding landscape will not only help you improve your business—it will also help extend the life of your valuable investments.

We know you take pride in your business and property. We’ll take the hassle out of maintenance for you.

Our commercial services include:

  • Pier Maintenance: Scheduled maintenance to clean and seal your piers and docks to protect them from corrosion, marine sea life, and weather. Get details >
  • Yacht Services: If you have a commercial marina, we offer scheduled washings, detailing, maintenance, and concierge services. Get details >
  • Shrinkwrapping: To protect your fleet from winter elements, or for transporting, we offer complete on- site services. Get details >


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