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The Waterfront Lifestyle – Enjoy Your Investment

Living or running a business on the waterfront is a privilege and a pleasure—when you can enjoy it. Unfortunately, the maintenance, expense, and hassle of up-keeping your docks, piers, and vessels can overshadow the enjoyment you derive from your property.

Discover the easy waterfront maintenance solution, from a company rooted in the waterfront lifestyle.

Pier Pressure was started by two founders who live on the water and understand how difficult it can be to maintain—and truly enjoy—all that bay life has to offer. Our company was designed to be your one-stop solution for deck and pier maintenance, vessel upkeep, and even concierge services. Our goal is for you to be able to enjoy, and use your waterfront amenities, while preserving the life of your investment.

One-stop shop with affordable custom maintenance programs

At Pier Pressure, we provide a range of the comprehensive services for residential and commercial customers to maintain your property. We specialize in:

  • Power washing: Complete power washing services for your pier, bulkhead, steps, deck, surrounding areas, and vessels.
  • Staining: Preserve and keep your pier, bulkhead, steps, deck, and other waterfront structures looking great with protective eco-friendly sealants and stains.
  • Marine maintenance: We offer a wide range of maintenance services for your pier, pilings, decking, boat-lifts, bulkheads and other waterfront structures.
  • Marine construction: Build, remodel or expand your waterfront piers, decks, or structures with our professional construction services.
  • Yacht detailing: Keep your boat in top-shape so it’s always ready, when you need it. Regular detailing will not only keep your boat looking great, it will also extend the life of your investment.
  • Weekly/bi-weekly yacht washes: Extend the life of your boat with regularly-scheduled washes that remove bird fouling, oxidation, mildew stains, and other marine build-up that damage your finish.
  • Concierge services: We’ll get your boat fueled up, cleaned, galley “stocked” and delivered to you, at your convenience.
  • Commissioning / De-commissioning: Seasonal maintenance packages available including winterization, shrink-wrapping and springtime commissioning at your pier or storage facility.

We will custom-design a maintenance program for your unique waterfront needs that fits your budget and upkeep requirements.

Our company is here to help you build, use, preserve, and enjoy our beautiful waterfront. Let’s get started.

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