Eco-Friendly Approach

We’re committed to keeping our bay clean—and healthy.

At Pier Pressure, we want to maintain your pier, bulkhead, steps, decks and vessels in the most environmentally responsible manner possible. As water enthusiasts and environmentalists, we understand that maintaining the biology and diversity of the bay requires a delicate balance.

In fact, as part of our commitment to the Chesapeake Bay community, we’ve partnered with a large environmental group that advises us on the eco-friendly products and practices. We use only 100% eco-friendly cleaners, sealers, stains, and solvents.

We understand that protecting the valuable eco-system of the bay, while keeping your structures clean, are not mutually exclusive goals. Our eco-friendly practices align with our overall objectives to:

Maintain the integrity of your structures. By regularly cleaning, sealing, and repairing your piers, bulkheads, steps and decks, you will extend the life, improve the appearance, and avoid expensive repair and replacement costs.

Improve the bay community. Maintaining your structures contributes to the overall cleanliness and appearance of our bays. Our goal is to beautify and preserve our treasured waterfront. All of our services are done in compliance with government codes and contribute to community upkeep standards.

Control insects, pests, mold, mildew and rot damage—in a way that does not upset the eco-balance of the bay.

Promote and encourage recreational and the boating community use of our bay. We believe that to preserve the waterfront, people need to experience it. We are advocates for a waterfront lifestyle, and we promote responsible boating and recreation activities.

Join us in preserving, maintaining, and advocating for our beautiful Chesapeake Bay. We encourage you to care for your marine structures in an eco-friendly, responsible way. Let’s preserve our waterfront so that the generations ahead of us will have the chance to enjoy our treasured water community.

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