Pier Maintenance

Your pier, bulkhead, and steps take a beating. Extend their life with scheduled maintenance

The Chesapeake Bay is a rich marine environment, teeming with life. Unfortunately, the robust mix of birds, shellfish, barnacles, and microorganisms are not the best combination for the life and appearance of your pier and other waterfront structures. The weather, wind, and waves also take a toll on the wood and concrete of these structures and without scheduled maintenance—including cleaning and sealing your property will deteriorate.

Let our marine experts care for your valuable waterfront structures

At Pier Pressure, we understand that it’s time-consuming, hard work to properly maintain your waterfront property. Moreover, finding one company that can do it all, for a reasonable price, was almost impossible to find—until now.

We’ll build a Service Plan for your property that includes regularly scheduled maintenance so that you can enjoy your pier for years to come. We offer:

  • Power washing: Complete power washing services for your pier, bulkhead, steps, deck, surrounding areas, and vessels.
  • Staining: Preserve and keep your pier, bulkhead, steps, deck, and other waterfront structures looking great with protective eco-friendly sealants and stains.
  • Marine maintenance: We offer a wide range of maintenance services for your pier, pilings, decking, boat-lifts, bulkheads and other waterfront structures.


Maintain your marine structures—in a way that does not harm the environment

We are committed to maintaining your structures and preserving the delicate marine ecosystem of our bays. We only use environmentally friendly, EPA approved and/or non-toxic products that when properly applied do not upset the balance of the natural environment. All of our practices are committed to preserving our waterways, so that generations to come will have the chance to enjoy our beautiful Chesapeake Bay community.

When your pier needs work or winterization, our Pier Maintenance services have you covered

In addition to scheduling regular pier maintenance that includes cleaning, sealing and staining, our Pier Maintenance services include repair work, such as cap pilings, replacing boatlifts through bolts and added artificial anodes, winterization, and the maintenance of ice eaters.

Let our expert pier and deck craftsman do the hard work for you. Our experienced team brings years of marine maintenance experience to the job, and we have the tools and equipment to get the job done right—the first time.


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