Pier Maintenance

Your business is your investment. Preserve it.

If your business is situated on the waterfront, most likely, the appearance and durability of your pier matters—a lot. Our Commercial Pier Maintenance services keep your pier and dock looking great, and with regularly scheduled maintenance, you will preserve the life of your pier.

Scheduled maintenance protects your investment

In a marine environment, the combination of barnacles, shellfish, and the rich mix of sea life have a corroding effect on piers and decking. Additionally, the high winds, water levels, and salinity are harsh on structures, and if you don’t have a regular maintenance schedule, you’ll end up repairing and replacing your pier and decking, which ultimately, costs more.

Focus on running your business. We’ll handle your waterfront maintenance

As a business manager or owner, your focus is keeping your customers happy. Most likely, you don’t have the spare time that pier maintenance requires. We will build a simple, customized pier maintenance schedule for your structures so you can focus on what you do best: serving your customers.

Our Pier Maintenance includes cleaning with eco-friendly solvent, safety point inspection, spot repair or replacement, cap piling repair, replacing boatlifts, winterization, and ice eaters.

We’ll mind the environment, while we’re at it

We live and play in the Chesapeake Bay, and we want to preserve the fragile ecosystems that make this area so special. All of the cleaners, solvents, and products we use are eco-friendly, EPA approved and/or non-toxic. Additionally, we make sure that any construction projects we do are designed and built in a way that doesn’t disturb the surrounding environment.

We want to see bay businesses like yours thrive. Our services are designed to help you make your waterfront business better.


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