Shrinkwrapping Service

The Surest Way to Protect Your Vessel in Winter Weather or During Transport

Your vessel’s outer shell is fragile. It is built to withstand water, salt, and barnacles with the proper care. However, cold weather, ice, and road debris will quickly damage fiberglass. The best way to ensure that your boat does not get damaged during the winter months or when transporting is to shrinkwrap it. Vessels are not built to withstand salt and barnacles without the proper care.

We bring the boat protection to you.

Pier Pressure offers on-site shrinkwrapping services, making the process easy and stress-free. Our experienced team will fully shrinkwrap your boat at your dock or marina, working on your schedule. And if you need full decommissioning services for transportation or storage, our professionals will handle it for you.

Protect your vessel with the highest-quality materials

At Pier Pressure, we are meticulous about every detail when it comes to your vessels, piers, and property. Shrinkwrapping is no exception. We don’t cut any corners—we only use the highest-quality materials to protect your boat.

Before you transport, fully shrinkwrap your vessel

If you will be moving your vessel long-distances, shrinkwrapping will protect your boat’s fiberglass or outer shell from road debris, weather, and wind. Our professional team will also carefully inspect and prepare your boat so it’s ready to be trailered to your destination.

Take advantage of our winterization shrinkwrapping specials

To help you get your boat ready for winter this year, we’re offering limited-time specials. Download our flyer to see our current offers.

Full-winterization services

Shrinkwrapping a vessel before the winter season is only one part of preparing your boat for the cold months ahead. The best way to protect your motor and systems is to fully winterize your boat. Failing to properly winterize your boat can end up costing you thousands in motor replacement costs. Cold temperatures and ice will damage your pumps, exhaust manifolds, water distribution housing, and block. Preventative winterization steps are imperative to protect your boat and ensure that you’ll be back on the water as soon as the temperatures are warm again.

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