Yacht Services

You’re ready to go out on your boat—is your boat ready for you?

Let’s face it—boats can be a money pit—if they’re not properly maintained. Water, salt, wind, and marine life are harsh on your vessel, and without regularly scheduled services, cleaning, and winterizing, your vessel won’t run properly, and you won’t have the chance to enjoy it when you want to go out.

Keep your boat immaculate and running smoothly

We’ve designed our Yacht Services to keep your vessel running and looking great. We offer:

  • Detailing: Our meticulous boat experts will keep your vessel looking immaculate with our detailing services.
  • Weekly/Bi-weekly washes: Regularly scheduled washes not only keep your vessel looking great, they also extend the life of the vessel’s exterior, keeping it free of corrosion.
  • Concierge service: We’ll move your boat for you, or arrange to have it come pick you up. We’ll make sure it’s fueled up and running properly so it’s ready when you are. Stock galley so it’s truly a turnkey cast off experience.
  • Management Services: Through our network of qualified vendors we can professionally manage all of your maintenance needs saving you valuable time and transportation costs.
    • Mechanical Repairs
    • Fiberglass Repairs
    • Upholstery work
    • Electronics
  • Commissioning/De-commissioning: For transporting and storage, our certified marine team will prepare your vessel.
  • Shrink wrapping: Protect your vessel when it’s not in use, needs to be transported, or to keep it secure against the elements.


Your boat is an investment. We’ll treat it carefully.

The Pier Pressure staff is composed of experts in the field. We’ve been raised with boats, and we’re certified in the latest techniques for boat repair and maintenance. Our stringent training, experience, and reputation is your assurance that we’ll take care of your valuable investment.

Additionally, we only use the highest-quality products and tools when working on your vessel. We don’t take shortcuts, and we won’t compromise on quality.


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